Tycoon Richard Branson visits Dominican Beach Town

Santo Domingo.- Local media report t a visit by British tycoon Richard Branson to the resort city of Puerto Plata, aboard a luxury yacht in late 2016.

The 66-year-old billionaire who owns the world brand Virgin and some 360 companies of the Virgin Group spent more than five days in Puerto Plata where he anchored his yacht in Ocean World marina in the town Cofresi and toured several sites of the tourism destination in limousines.

“It was precisely that boat valued at more than 100 million dollars with a helicopter above, which caught the attention of all the people who excitedly admired it at a distance, but there were no more details on the visit,”

This is a Yacht called Cloudbreak and not Richard Bransons

Richard Branson in Puerto Plata

The article is true about Tycoon Richard Branson visits Dominican Beach Town but he was in his 32 metre Catamaran Necker Belle as seen above not as stated in a US$100 million motor yacht.

Is it possible that Sir Richard Branson is looking at possible places to invest in the Dominican Republic or was it just a pleasure trip, i would think that a man with his own Island would not be coming for a holiday so i think it was a scouting mission.

 Tycoon Richard Branson visits Dominican Beach Town lets keep an eye on this story and see what happens in the future