Surfing in Las Terrenas Dominican Republic with Carolina


Surfing in Las Terrenas Dominican Republic with Carolina

Surfing in Las Terrenas Perfect Seasonal Options for Kids & Beginners 

Surfing in Las Terrenas; Surfing in Cabarete – Perfect Seasonal Options for Kids & Beginners

Of all the things my kids love doing in the Republica Dominicana, surfing tops the list, whether it’s surfing in Las Terrenas or surfing in Cabarete, an even more challenging venue… they just want to surf…. and there are great options on the North Coast for young kids and beginners by season, year-round.

Surfing in Las Terrenas Dominican Republic with Carolina
Here’s Where to Start – Las Terrenas

image (19)The easiest place to start your kids is in Playa Bonita just 5 minutes out of downtown Las Terrenas where the waves are more gentle than in Cabarete, especially during the winter.

My kids surf in Playa Bonita in the summer but please be advised that surfing here in the summer is truly day to day and very dependent on  our friend Mother Nature creating waves big enough to climb.  So for me that means that the lunar cycle is going at full force as are the waves in my brain… there’s a solution for that too…. in a moment.

Surfing in Las Terrenas Dominican Republic with Carolina
People Matter, People Make a Difference

I think you should go where we go for several reasons but mostly because you will be in good hands with good people like we were when we first went surfing in Las Terrenas.

Carolina Gutierrez

In Playa Bonita, on the beach of the Hotel Acaya, you will find the Carolina Surf School. Carolina Gutierrez is a 20 something, semi-retired professional surfer with a world class pedigree in boarding who owns this establishment on a piece of tranquil Dominican paradise.  She has built a reputation for teaching and helping kids.

Not only does Carolina train kids for competition on her surf team but she also gives time to helping kids in the community.  Through her foundation, Wave for a Smile, Carolina brings children from underprivileged parts of Las Terrenas to her school on Playa Bonita to learn the healthy sport of surfing, to enjoy the tranquility of an idyllic beach, to escape their daily routine and to see another side to what can be an impoverished existence for many.

image (20)Every child should have an opportunity to see that there’s more to life and to this world than the immediate world in which they live at this moment.  Carolina helps provide that locally. Additionally, they’re really nice here.

When we first came to Carolina in the Summer the waves were low. They could have taken our money and trained our kids in the ocean but they told us to come back when the waves were bigger.  We stayed around and Che Che, the instructor, helped our kids with balance in walking on a line strung between 2 trees… just because… so we came back successively, utilizing their services with great satisfaction.

image (16)Now as for the lunar calendar playing with my brain waves, there’s a small bar  / restaurant on the beach at the Acaya.  Yes, the lady who runs it is super sweet, even offering to make me her personal recipe land crab stew but there’s more.

She also serves the biggest coldest glass of white wine I have ever seen… outside of what I pour at home… strike that, it’s bigger… it’s a damn blue goblet… I thought one of King Arthur’s servants was going to come out and say “I brought you the crystal chalice, Sire.”  I think it was less than $3 and it helped me manage the lunar imbalance in my brain as I watched my kids wipe out.

Surfing in Las Terrenas Dominican Republic with Carolina

image (25)For more information on the Carolina Surf School, you can reach their Facebook page by clicking here.

You can also find them and that wonderful lady with the big ass goblets of wine in the Hotel Acaya Restaurant at the Hotel Acaya as provided below:

Surfing in Las Terrenas Dominican Republic with Carolina

Carolina Surf School

Hotel Acaya,  Playa Bonita, José Francisco Pena Gomez, Las Terrenas                 Phone: 809-882-5467/809-240-5931                                                                 Email: Carolinasurfschool@gmail.com

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