Russian Investment in the Dominican Republic

Russian Investment in the Dominican Republic

Russian Investment in the Dominican Republic

Russian rubles Begins Agro, fish production, exports


The Russians are coming Russian Investment in the Dominican Republic is growing they are investing in both import and export operations in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic is only going one way that is upwards and onwards its an investors paradise.

Jan 25 at 12:54 AM

Santo Domingo- Two Russian companies are ready to invest a huge sum in the country, to export fresh fruits, a high-tech factory to process jams for the global market; and another operation to raise fish in the sea.

The Russian company Panorama will ship a first load of 1,000 kilos each of papayas, pineapples, passion fruit, mangos and avocados next Tuesday, on direct flights to Moscow via Punta Cana Airport.

Russian Investment in the Dominican Republic

The information was provided by the CEO Panorama, and of the National Contract Corporation (OJSC) Elena Lanskikh and executive Natalia Tochilenko, during a visit to Listin Diario accompanied by Russia honorary consul in Dominican Republic Virgina Velasquez Simó; translator Kapyttger Andrei and National District deputy Vinicio Castillo..

They said the OJSC, which operates oil and gas, sugarcane industries, and modern agro businesses in Cuba, can bring Russian high tech to work in the field of energy.

Russian Investment in the Dominican Republic is happening the two projects aim to create 1,000 jobs, the executive said, and noted that their companies are already operating in the region, citing fruit production in Costa Rica.

Fish for consumption and export


Castillo said the investment seeks to develop fish farms in the sea with advanced technology, to industrialize production for the local market, to export to the Caribbean and the world.

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