Las Terrenas Revamp Promise From President Danilo Medina

Las Terrenas Revamp Promise From President Danilo Medina

In surprise visit: Danilo Medina gives new impetus to tourism in Las Terrenas with US$103 Million of funds.

Sunday, september 25, 2016

 LAS TERRENAS, Samaná.- President Danilo Medina, met with business and community in this municipality. He listened carefully to their concerns in order to give new impetus to tourism in the area.

President Danilo Medina on Thursday said the government will fully support the relaunch of Samana’s (northeast) second biggest town, and asked residents to be willing to cede to make it possible.

Medina arrived in the company of several committee of officials who announced the reconstruction of the beach, a new hospital, a landfill, and a sewage treatment plant which residents demanded from the president during a surprise visit last Sunday.

He also proposed a committee of community leaders, government agencies, neighborhood boards and business leaders to oversee the works, but warned that if they want to benefit from tourism in the area, they have to cooperate.

What will the money that the be spent on after Las Terrenas Revamp Promise From President Danilo Medina

For his part Tourism minister Francisco Javier Garcia announced the reconstruction of the beaches at a cost of more than US$100 million, with a call for tenders.

He also announced construction of the Tourist Promenade Bonita, to link Las Terrenas with Playa Bonita.

“We will build the landfill of the town at the site of the old landfill,” Garcia said.

Public Works minister Gonzalo Castillo said the hospital will be built at a cos of RD$170 million and announced that all of Las Terrenas’ streets and sidewalks will be paved and the curbs will be rebuilt.

There, the ruler heard the needs of employers and the people, so know first hand what it takes to continue energizing the tourism development of the area.

The surprise visit of President of the Republic was aimed to give greater impetus to tourism in Las Terrenas, whose beaches are a favorite delicacy for French tourists, Europeans, Americans and Canadians.Las Terrenas Revamp Promise From President Danilo Medina

Tourism, Dominican locomotive development

Las Terrenas Revamp Promise From President Danilo Medina

For the head of state, tourism is an energizer of the economy of the Dominican Republic, especially in agricultural and construction, so, knowing this reality ensured that our government do everything in its power to help us resolve many of the problems they have.

Part of the solutions requested by investors and the community Danilo Medina were: the treatment of sewage, hospital, collecting garbage, cemetery, roads, among others.

The news was welcomed that Las Terrenas Revamp Promise From President Danilo Medina and other offers of support.

Immediately, the governor formed a commission which he will head to visit new time this important tourist community in the country.Las Terrenas to get a US$103 Million Revamp From President Danilo Medina

Foreign investment is guaranteed in our country

The President explained to entrepreneurs, mostly of French origin, the State will work hand in hand with other institutions seeking to improve the legal and institutional framework to further promote foreign investment and thus the same is protected and excited.

It is recalled that during the presentation of his memoirs in the National Assembly, the President recalled the importance of tourism to the Dominican Republic.

Government invests in education for the province

In 2015, the government of Danilo Medina, invested about 1,200 million pesos only in educational infrastructure and children’s bodies, it has placed the tourist provinces among the most benefit. Giving its visitors with this, a people with better living conditions.

Influx of tourists is growing every year in our country

Tourism is growing every year in the country through government public policies and good investment climate that exists in the same, for both foreigners and Dominicans.

In 2015, growth was 8.9 percent, exceeding the average of other Caribbean countries.

This year is expected to 6 million people come on vacation to the Dominican Republic with 6,500 million and income.

Among the attendees were present Administrative Minister of the Presidency, Jose Ramon Peralta; the mayor of Las Terrenas, Alex Garcia; businessman, Frank Jorge Elias and personal assistants, Carlos Pared Perez and Robert de la Cruz.

They on behalf of business owners and the community all welcomed the Las Terrenas Revamp Promise From President Danilo Medina

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