Health Care and Disabled Facilities Las Terrenas Samana Dominican Republic

Health Care and Disabled Facilities Las Terrenas Dominican Republic

Health Care and Disabled Facilities Las Terrenas Dominican Republic

Medical and Health Services:

Las Terrenas is well served with several Hospitals, clinics, dentists, laboratories, and other specialist services.

You will find that most Doctors or their staff speak English.

There is a brand new International hospital that opened in 2014 this is a modern facility with International doctors and modern equipment this is the best in the whole region.

It’s almost like a 3 storey hotel complex very stylish and is being equipped with the latest equipment.

Of course the capital of Santo Domingo which is less than 2 hours drive has facilities that can compare to ones in North America and Europe.

There is an emergency Helicopter service that can be paid for on a monthly basis to take you to the capital if required.

All most all hospitals and clinics recognise health plans and medical travel insurance, but be sure to check you are covered before you commit to any treatments as you may have to pay and then claim from your insurer.

Health Care and Disabled Facilities Las Terrenas Dominican Republic

Health care Insurance plans:

There are many various health care plans offered by both local and International companies These are our recommendations of local companies.

Like all companies prices are based on your individual particulars and medical history!

Disabled accessibility in and around Las Terrenas and the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic recognise and welcome disabled people although access too many older buildings is still restricted.

You will see from landing at the airports how respected and cared for both physical and mentally disabled people are in the DR.

You will find that most modern buildings and hotels will have wheel chair access ramps or as a minimum they will have people to pick up the wheel chair and the person and carry them.

Las Terrenas is very welcoming to disabled people and the town’s people will always be on hand to help and assist any one.
The town has ramps and people on hand at most of the hotels, restaurants and shopping areas.

Las Terrenas has good paved roads so mobility scooters and wheelchairs are easily manoeuvred around the town to access most places.

The town has its fair share of disabled people both expats and locals who are an important and well like part of the community.

Health Care and Disabled Facilities Las Terrenas Dominican Republic

Disabled people are well respected and never looked down on no matter what the disability physical or mental.

Las Terrenians are loving and friendly people and support both financially and spiritually our disabled population.


National Police and Tourist Police:

809 240 6022
Las Terrenas. C / Libertad, Against the State Secretary of Tourism.

Fire Department:

809 240 5126 Sanchez Road, Las Terrenas.

Municipal Hospital:

809 240 6474 Street Ramon Mella.

City Hall:

809 240 6120 Calle Duarte # 212.

Immigration Centre:

829 960 6316 City Hall, Calle Duarte # 212

Clinics and Physicians

International Medical Centre; Highly Recommended


Fabio Abreu, Las Terrenas 32000, Dominican Republic


Integral Galen Centre:

Calle Duarte No. 242,

809-204-6817 or 809-769-3020

International Specialized Clinic:

809 240 6701 Calle Duarte, Facing Water Thiana .

Doctor Polanco: Highly recommended 

809 240 6028 Main Street, No. 12

Doctor Rodriguez:

809 240 6135/809 223 4051 Ramon Mella Street, Waterfront Hospital.

Doctor Camilo Medina:

809 877 9940

Doctor Ismael Taveras:

809 481 75 91 Main Street, No. 154

Dr. Audrey Juan : 809 909 92 97/829 313 3222


Dentistry – Carmen De Jesus:

829 697 0589/809 264 7730 Main Street, 2nd floor Edificio Mediterraneo

Dentistry – Narcisa Flores:

809 873 2525 Calle Duarte # 154, City Center, Las Terrenas.

Midwife – Marine Fraysse:

809 899 7886 Domicile.

Center Gynecology and Obstetrics Physicians specialties and De Jesus Rodriguez:

809 552 7613/809 875 8747 Main Street, 2nd floor Edificio Mediterraneo.

Crisostomo clinical laboratory:

809 860 3784
Main Street, No. 217

Veterinary Clinic Coco Dog Dr. Elias R. Jimenez Colon: Highly Recommended 

829-436-3240 – 809-448-9297 – 829-845-7324


Calle 30 de marzo
Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Health Care and Disabled Facilities Las Terrenas Dominican Republic