Classic Traditional British Food Recipe Family Favorites

Classic Traditional British Food Recipe Family Favorites

Okay not every one is familiar with British food  and other countries actually insult our cuisine as being bland and boring!

Yes as a kid i was brought up on meals of meat and 3 veg but this was healthy food.

You can find restaurants and shops  in the Britain serving and selling food from all corners  of the Globe we have possibly more choice than most other countries in the World due to our multi-cultural population.

But this post is about great old British food that can be found being served on diner tables in homes, restaurants and pubs all over the country day in day out.

Classic Traditional British Food Recipe Family Favorites have regional twists and age old ways dating back hundreds of years of how it should be made and served.

I wont try and explain the North South divide in this post as its something that can happen within a town or City so its not just splitting Britain in half across the midlands.

I wont confess to be a Chef but i am a very good cook the videos i have selected i have tried with my own twist as i don’t follow recipes easily after cooking from the  age of 9 without any sort of guide.

I hope that you enjoy trying some out yourselves and i look forward in your comments and feed back.

My own favorites are Savory meaty pies with Steak and Kidney being number 1 then a Game pie with Rabbit, pheasant, Grouse and mushrooms coming in second with a Chicken, ham and leak pie third.

British Recipe Favorites should be tried and tested most travelers who come to Britain are amazed at the quality and variety of food that is available served both hot and cold.

Well that’s enough of me look at h videos below and see some of the  Classic Traditional British Food Recipe Family Favorites

This is my number one pie although i will change it by adding real ale or Guinness along with mushrooms.

Classic Traditional British Food Recipe Family Favorites t
hese are sold all over Britain even at Petrol Stations they are real comfort food best served hot!

These are from the Black country which is in the Midlands, i love these served with mushy peas, mash potatoes and lots of gravy.

This is my favorite Pork Pie you can purchase these all over Britain in most supermarkets and the company has its own shops they are the best.


So simple to make have a go i wrap bacon around the egg then the minced pork meat for an extra luxury treat.

These are not Amphibians they are Sausages served baked in a Yorkshire pudding mix served with gravy and vegetables, its a simple recipe but use the best sausages that you can find,

This was every school kids favorite served with thick yellow custard


Christmas Pudding a recipe for those who want to waste time they are sold in every supermarket in Britain there must be hundreds of different makes and brands at all prices. they are best served hot with custard or double cream and of course brandy butter.

traditionally in Britain silver coins were put into the mix as a special Christmas gift.

Eton Mess this is to die for and so easy to make Jamie makes the best Classic Traditional British Recipe Favorites

Thank you for looking at my Classic Traditional British Food Recipe Family Favorites

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