Activities Excursions in Las Terrenas Samana Peninsula

Las Terrenas is a great place to start exploring the Samana Peninsula it has several professional tour operators that operate tours to give you and your family a great experience.

Below I have listed what I feel are the best attractions and the best tour operators!

There are a lot more things to see and do check out the links of each operator!

El Limon Waterfalls and river:

This is a must go on trip and Santi a good friend is the expert he speaks several languages and looks after you as though you are one of the family I highly recommend these tours and the operator and his fantastic restaurant.

Santi, in El Limón de Samaná has 16 years experience organizing excursions throughout the area and knows all the secrets.

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Activities Excursions in Las Terrenas Samana Peninsula

Tailor-made Excursions:

There are three options for enjoying El Limon Waterfall;

1. On foot. Minimum fitness is recommended.

On foot, the round trip to the Waterfall takes about 3 hours and you and your friends can set out at the hour that suits you best.

2. On horseback.

Specially recommended in the rainy season, or when the trails are muddy. The horses are really tame. For 90% of our visitors it is their first experience on horseback!
In the company of our expert guides, the round trip takes about 3 hours.

3. Canoeing on the El Limon River

This excursion is completely new and novel as no other ranch offers it. You can also combine excursions, some trekking while others go on horseback. Let the expert trekker Santi organize your a la carte excursion.


Get to know the surrounding area of El Limon.

The coastline, east of El Limon, is a fascinating display of Mother Natures´ best, with lots of tiny hidden coves and splendid wide unspoiled beaches. This is the true Caribbean we all dream about.

Playa Morón, Lanza al Norte, la Cana, are ideal for walks or discovering on horseback. Peace and quiet and maybe a chance encounter with the local fishermen or farmers along the way. Well worth it! Time: 3 to 4 hours.


We do not organize big groups so you can just arrive at any time at Santi Ranch-Restaurant (between Las Terrenas and Samaná) and set out at your own pace.

We do advise you to book in advance by phone and take full advantage of the cooler morning temperatures and also avoid the afternoon rush of tour groups.

Activities Excursions in Las Terrenas Samana Peninsula

Proper foot ware is advisable for all excursions. Indispensable for Canoeing: a pair of strong tennis/sports shoes and socks, to protect the ankles, as well as a pair of sandals.

Do not use slip-flops or open backed sandals or shoes if  horseback ridding!



On Horseback

On the river

1; Cascada Limón:

RD$500 pesos US$14

RD$750 pesos US$21

RD$750 pesos US$20

2; Playa Morón:

RD$500 pesos US$14

RD$750 pesos US$21

RD$750 pesos US$21

3; Los Haitises:

RD$2.200 pesos US$61

Remember, You are on holiday. We are the ones working so leave the worrying to us! We will take care of everything for you in your time – no worry no hurry!

All our rates include guide, park entrance fees and insurance!

FLORA TOURS is the leading excursion and tour agency in Las Terrenas on the north coast of the Samana Peninsula, one of the most spectacular regions of the Dominican Republic.
Nicolas and Monica will share their passion for the country by helping you discover untamed places and by bringing you into direct contact with local Dominicans and their traditions and customs.


FLORA TOURS specializes in visits to Los Haïtises National Park, a magnificent natural reserve for endemic birds, tropical vegetation and archaeological sites.
They also offer a variety of excursions by boat, on horseback, on foot, quad bike, bicycle...FLORA TOURS welcomes you to this little piece of Paradise known as Los Haitises:

Perfect for Activities Excursions in Las Terrenas Samana Peninsula

An absolute MUST: Los Haïtises National Park was once a safe haven for the Taino Indians where they hid out in the many caves which still bear their original pictographs and cave drawings dating back to the beginning of the 6th Century

Without a doubt the most spectacular of the country´s national parks, Los Haïtises is home to a huge variety of endemic flora and fauna and is particularly famous for its bird colonies, including herons, pelicans, frigates, swallows,


Los Haïtises also boasts the greatest abundance of Caribbean mangroves and the peace and quiet there is incredible. The only sounds are the birds singing… Heaven!
The excursion includes a visit to the 3 main caves, an exploration of 2 different mangroves and of course bird watching. Refreshments are served on the beach in the
company of the park wardens who live there.
Lunch is served on the beach around midday.A visit to Los Haïtises National Park is a fascinating and unforgettable experience. It is a chance to enjoy nature at her best while travelling back in time and living a part of Dominican history.

Outings: Wednesday & Saturday, 8:00am to 2:30pm

You will need: swimsuit, towel, sun cream, camera, rain gear
Included: transport from your hotel, entrance to the park, tour guide in English, lunch and refreshments.

Price: RD$ 3,000 / US$ 70 / € 55 per person Children under 12 half price, Children under 2 free

Whale Watching Tours in Samana Bay, Dominican Republic:

Activities Excursions in Las Terrenas Samana Peninsula

Whale watch with Kim Beddall. Humpback whales here in Samana Bay, Dominican Republic

A unique opportunity to observe humpback whales in their natural calving and mating grounds here in Samana Bay, Dominican Republic.
Listen to the male humpback’s solitary courting song and witness incredible displays of flippering, tail lobbing and breaching by the most active species of whale in the Atlantic.

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On board, a Marine Mammal Specialist narrating and answering questions. An Experience of a Lifetime, not to be missed!

January 15th to March 25th, 2015
From the main town dock in Samana on our whale watch vessel "Pura Mia".

Departure Samana:
January 15th to February 7th at 10:00 AM

February 8th to March 8th at 9:00 AM and 1:30 PM

March 9th to March 25th at 10:00 AM

Departs from: Cayo Levantado
From the public dock of Cayo Levantado Island, 30 minutes after departing Samana.

On board:
Pura Mia, 55' Custom Whale Watch Vessel VHF Radio, approved life jackets and rain gear.
Capacity 65 persons, with lots of space to move around!
We comply with the Samana Bay whale watch regulations.

Complete Services:
Sound system with underwater hydrophone, Two modern bathrooms with running water,Souvenirs / Snack bar / Educational material.
Marine Mammal specialist and Scientific data collection on every trip.
Narration in two languages and interpreters available on board. Soft drinks, water, crackers and mints.

Booklet "Whales of Samana" (Spanish, English, German or French). Dramamine tablets.

WHALE SAMANA GUARANTEE If we do not see whales; your next trip is FREE!

Whale Watch only: $59.00 USD per person
Plus $3.00 USD Fee for Marine Mammal Sanctuary.
Children under 10 years of age: $30.00 USD

Average Trip Time:
3 to 4 hours depending on whale sightings.

Not recommended for infants under 2 years of age.
Optional visit to Cayo Levantado: $5.00 USD per person extra.
Departure times may change and reservations are recommended.
"Safe, Sensitive Whale Watching with Kim Beddall

Zip Lines Adventures El Limón

Activities Excursions in Las Terrenas Samana Peninsula

US$75.00 by persons (Adults)

US$55.00 by persons (Children)

Departure Time: 8.00 am

What Does it include? Transportation, official tourist guide and beverages
Recommendations: Wear comfortable clothes and shoes (or sneakers), a camera, sunblock and insect repellent.
Duration of tour: 4 hours includes pick up from hotels in and around Las Terrenas


An adventure that will have you flying over the copious mountains in Juana Vicente. Experience a maelstrom of emotions as you glide over breathtaking landscapes in the small island of Cayo Levantado.

Descend throughout 20 platforms and 10 zip lines. Scour fun and challenging distances, reaching between 85 and 450 meters.

Minutes away from the pier of Samana, on approach to Juana Vicente, the most thrilling adventure to the northeast of the Dominican Republic awaits.

After a brief ride in one of our safari-style trucks, prepare to unload in a brand-new dimension of discovery and fun.
Comprised by idyllic natural landscapes, dovetailing into stunning backdrops. Circumvented by beautiful Caribbean beaches, and a few meters away from the Atlantic Ocean.

Following a brief introductory briefing, in which essential security procedures are explained, prepare to takeoff on a journey down the path leading towards the first platform. Be carefree, our operation adheres to the strictest international safety instructions. We are the only zip line adventure to be certified by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT), which oversees canopy tours on a global scale.

As you climb the first cable, your initial reaction may as well be to close your eyes. Now, unless you get over this initial fear, you are sure to miss out on flawless woodlands.
The horizon is covered by myriad panoramic views of the Samana Peninsula. Trudge through far-reaching stretches, some as far as 450 meters, as you make your away to the last platform. Feel the crescendo of the Atlantic heightens the adrenaline rush. Set your spirit free; reconnect with nature as it welcomes you with open arms.

Glide across engrossed skin deep in the midst of plethoric rain forests. Take delight in unbeatable perspectives, appreciating a bird’s eye view. Dive into a heavenly paradise, in the midst of dazzling tropical rain forests and incredible scenery overshadowed by virgin white sand beaches.