A Typical Day Of An Expat In Las Terrenas Samana

A Typical Day Of An Expat In Las Terrenas Samana

A Typical Day Of An Expat In Las Terrenas Samana

Its a Saturday a day That I look forward to as most the time its my day off unless there are clients or urgent works that need attending.

A Typical Day Of An Expat In Las Terrenas Samana starts as most days do with Helen waking at around 5.30am to read.

I try to get another half hour before the sunrise is that bright through our bedroom window you need a welders mask to shut it out.

My Beautiful Helly

I only have to move in bed to alert the furry children that are not already on the bed which is always the black squirrel Lilly which is Hellys dog and the newcomer Bear she is so cute but taking over.

This is Bear and Lilly lounging about at home

Star who is my little Prince and Onyx his father then hop on and Star always gets top spot on my pillow curled around my head with Onyx alongside my legs. Not such and easy task being that they are German Shepherds both weighing 45kgs over 90lbs and then Bear tries to get in the middle, thank goodness its a super kingsize bed!

Star my Prince

Some how it works and I am able to catch up on my Kindle with the news from England the Daily Mail

Then a catch up on Facebook both my own page and the company pages to see whats happening, by 6.30am Star is snoring in my ear and Onyx is scratching and kicking up a fur cloud. by 7.00am they both get off the bed and i get the look yes its time for their walk.

Onyx Barker 

So A Typical Day Of An Expat In Las Terrenas Samana moves down stairs with Onyx barking as always Bear running around the house with a flip-flop and Star waiting like the Prince he is.

I get changed into the walking attire shorts t-shirt and boots I can not tell you how many pairs I have been through and so many makes From Timberland to Bates from US$25 to US$200 the best I have got is 13 months out of a pair.

Okay so the collars and leads go on and they are pulling each other around like it’s the first walk ever I gave up long ago trying to change things, I like naughty dogs so In let them get on with things and eventually we get out the kitchen door ready for the walk.

We have many different routes and trails most are known to no one but me some take 40 minutes some take an hour and 40 minutes but most weekday mornings it’s an hour, today we will be out about an hour and 20 minutes as I have to make sure the furry boys don’t overheat so the route is planned coming back in the shady jungle

A Typical Day Of An Expat In Las Terrenas Samana dog walk starts with saying good morning to the guards who are great guys but a little nervous of the dogs in particular Onyx who does bark at them.

At the water park having fun

Then its off into the jungle never a lot to see apart from a few farm workers on horses who we know who are pretty cool with the dogs even when they bark at the horse or mule. Chickens are the main problem you would not believe how many wild wood chickens, mountain chickens and jungle chickens we come across. Bear just seem to find them then she thinks she is some sort of prowling hunting big cat. Then of course the other two join in more often than not the chicken gets away but even when they get one they don’t kill it just hold it and then let it go for another chase.

Me I am chasing them all trying to get the furry children back in order, its sometimes a bit embarrassing when a farmer is watching you from his land telling you that that’s his chicken, which of course it is not.

So the walk continues past all sorts of fruit bearing trees Banana, Mango, Lime, Passion Fruit, Avocado, Papaya, Orange and then those I don’t know. We don’t see much wildlife which is disappointing just the odd Mongoose and the very elusive Hutie and solenodons only ever seen these a few times in over 10 years. Of course there are many birds wild horses and the very bad bulls who we seem to come into contact with more than we like. These bulls are led by Twisty horn a big black monster who is evil he leads a herd of about 50 or so and they really are bad!

This is Twisty Horns brother a nasty Devil

A Typical Day Of An Expat In Las Terrenas Samana the morning was sunny and no incidents a nice peaceful walk and we are almost home and a Dark Goblin walks out in front of us, well I have come across these sorts before in my guise as Lord Dougla protector of the ancient lands of Parque but these varied tales must wait for another day as there are many adventures i can tell.

So back home boots off dogs watered and me in the shower, changed and ready to turn on the laptop and see who needs me.’

Its 8.38am I don’t really do the breakfast thing just fruit and water or milk or juice never Tea or Coffee that’s a big no.

Of course the fridge door seems to be wired into the dogs ears and like magic they appear waiting for a snack of sorts today they are in luck there are two sausages and some ribs left from last nights BBQ which is used often in our house.

Onyx is gentle and has only drawn blood from my hand a few times, Bear she is a little lady as she sits and puts her right paw up as I have taught them all to do, and takes the meat softly.

Star again sits puts up his paw and BAM meat and fingers its like feeding a Crocodile after 5 years it has not changed.

Ohh then Lilly comes down stairs always late looking for a snack she sits does the paw thing and more often than not I have to take it from my own mouth to feed her.

Needless to say the other dogs look at me as Lilly has had more than them so any morsel that I had planned for myself is then distributed amongst the furry children.

Several emails to answer no worries as I look out over the pool and jungle to the ocean I thank Jesus every day for what I have I am so lucky, Helen my furry children a beautiful house my health good friends and family life is good and I thank the Lord my Mom and Dad God Bless their souls every day of my life for it.

Yes I am a Christian and I make no apologies to any one for being one and the love and joy it brings me and my family.

Talking of family Johnnie comes in to join me, Johnnie we have known for over 10 years he is a great guy but due to personal problems asked to stay with us for a few weeks almost 6 years ago. I will say no more but Johnnie is family he is the 57 year old son we never wanted, we love him to pieces and he loves us and that’s all that counts.

Johnnie & my Beloved Helly

There is no English football on the TV as the season is over my team Aston Villa are not so good I wont bore you with who they are and what they have done, but I pay RD$2950 a month to watch Sky TV most of all to see Premier league football.

Its so sad my team got relegated out of this league last year and were not able to get back into this league so i can not see them play.

Helen or Helly as I call her is getting ready for work she holds the fort on a Saturday, you must think that I do nothing no I do the one job that Helly hates food shopping.

So every Saturday is the main shopping day of course we buy fresh meat and fruits etc during the week as its so much better that way.

So Johnnie and I leave the house at around 12.30 and head into town its his only day out of the house as he is not the best socialiser in the World, although when he is in company he is so funny and charming.

We drive the usual way in via the stunning beach road waving to several locals that we know it’s a beautiful day the Ocean is turquoise and the sand is fringed by palm trees.


First stop the office just to say hi to the staff Franz is a great guy and so reliable although he always calls me sir or boss it drives me mad we are all a family so it’s never sir or boss, Doug, Douglas or Dougla will be fine. No Franz Mr Barker is not allowed either.

We drop next door to CPS they are owned by one of my best friends Todd they are the best company for shipping in your items from America, Canada or the rest of the world. a great company that goes that extra mile for you!

Today we decide just to go to Super Pola  a great national chain supermarket that bakes fresh bread most days has a butchers a delicatessen, fish monger, wine and drinks departments along with every other section you would expect. The fruit and vegetables  section sells both local national and imported items.

Johnnie asks me to be quick I am notorious for talking and if i see a person I know then the shopping trip can last over an hour or more.

Well sadly for Johnnie there is an old friend Jan a wonderful Swedish gentleman who is a renowned yachtsman and a little death.

I cut the conversation short as he wants me to value his new apartments and then sell them so it’s only 15 minutes gone and 6 items in the trolley. Johnnie knows all the prices and will tell me that this was 20 peso more last week or 10 peso less.

see some Super Pola offers 

Well we get the meat imported ribs 135lbs a great deal and the home grown fillet of beef is only 369lbs this is stunning so tasty and cuts with a knife. Here is my secret recipe to guarantee any steak comes out tender.

First remove the sinewy thing from the Fillet or other steak then portion up put into a freezer bag and add Soy sauce, Teriyaki sauce lots of ground black pepper. Freeze for 3 days or more defrost and then cook I do mine on a BBQ top whack at 500 degrees two minutes a side if cut about 1.5″ thick this will give you a beautiful rare Steak adjust to your requirements. if this is not the most tender tasty steak then you must be an Alien.

So shopping is done at the check out all the girls are very nice pack your own bags its faster as they don’t have a packer, the Dominicans from the capital will expect the cashier to do it for them as they stand and watch.

This drives me mad as they hold up the queue while they eat the food they have yet not paid for.

Well its over off to the truck don’t forget the cooler box for the cold goods as they can spoil quickly in the midday sun today is average temperature the truck says 86 degrees.

Next stop the beer shop as its cheaper I drink Bohemia which is a bit less gassy than Presidente and cheaper if purchased in a store.

Bar prices especially in tourist bars for small bottles are high

Beers comes in three sizes Pequena small 0.33 litre expect to pay 60 to 150 peso

Grande medium 0.56 litre 90 to 150 peso

Jumbo large 1 litre 125 to 160 peso these are not sold in bars

Okay all is done its off to one of our expat bars to see old and new friends “One Love Bar” 

This is a great place to meet English speaking expats Barry and his wife Karri are fantastic hosts and their staff are the best I highly recommend this place if you want to meet expats.

The drinks are well priced the setting is on the ocean and they have a free pool table what more could you want, parking is limited around the area.

The food is cooked fresh but the menu is limited to being more of a lunch time snack place rather than a full blown restaurant.

We spend a few hours drinking talking and playing pool watch out as there is another Doug in town he is Canadian Doug Panko and he is a pool pro, a seriously nice guy but no one beats him at pool, well once in every 30 games.

So after catching up seeing clients, answering emails as “One Love” has free internet its time to go home as its 4pm and Johnnies Pizza night.

Dont even ask Johnnie is a legend at making Pizza dough he has more kinds of yeast than Betty Crocker people have tried to get to ours for Pizza for years sorry its family only.

We drive back along the beach and the Police are there stopping people for their documents, no worries I have all mine and they know me.

Shock horror they flag me over they are very polite we shake hands and say hello then they ask if I have jump leads as their truck wont start.

I don’t but remembering a clever trick that some one did to help me years ago I went over to their truck looked at the battery terminals, yes they looked about the same size apart.

I then removed my battery much to the amazement of the Police officers and the group that had gathered turned my battery upside down to connect with their terminals and told them to turn the key.

Yes it started they were so happy hugging me shaking my hand I guess I wont get pulled over for a while new friends.

So we continue on home satisfied that we were part of this fantastic community one last job we stop outside some small wooden shacks well more like sheds.

The Haitian family who live there see me and come out smiling i get a lovely hug  from the mother Eli and hugs from the children aged from 2 to 16 years old. I hand over a few bags of clothes that Helly did not wear any more a bag of sandals and handbags and a thousand pesos.

Smiles all round as we drive off and satisfaction that this very simple act matters to this wonderful family who have hope for a few more weeks.

This is typical of people in Las Terrenas both expats and locals we look after our own we all have either adopted or been adopted by people who are in need at certain times of their lives.

So home and unpack the dogs go wild as though I have not been home in months Helly is there loving and cuddling so happy to be here living this life.

Pizza time starts another cold beer and a night sitting on our terrace looking out over the Ocean thanking the Lord for the day we have had.

A simple life not full of material things just people living within a community that accepts you for who you are no matter what you race colour or creed we are all HAPPY Las Terrenians and proud of our town.

I will post more of A Typical Day Of An Expat In Las Terrenas Samana

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